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For your business, software escrow is like the life-vest under your seat. Should mission critical software fail, business critical software escrow is a gold standard back-up.

And, like a life vest, that back-up must not only be directly available, but also technically up-to-date and complete. Internationally recognised good governance codes  and measures such as King IV, COBIT, Val IT, COSO, etc refer.

So, What is an Escrow?

It’s the deposit, verification, and vaulting of the developer version of the software that your entire business depends on. This is done by an independent and neutral software escrow specialist, like EscrowSURE.

When Should I Protect My Business with Business Critical Software Escrow?

  • When your revenues depend on the software
  • When your commercial reputation depends on the software
  • When you are responsible to the Board for IT risk management and good governance

If you can tick any of these boxes, good governance imposes a responsibility on you to escrow-protect your business critical software.

Why Can’t My Supplier Keep a Developer Version of the Software for Me?

Suppliers should keep a copy of each version of the software that they release. However, the purpose of an escrow arrangement is to ensure you have access to an up-to-date and maintainable version of your business critical software in the event your suppliers are no longer there.

How Much Does Software Escrow Cost?

To protect your business from disruption and risk costs less than insuring a top-end car. So, protecting your business critical software with EscrowSURE is a no-brainer. Evaluate for yourself.

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