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A channel partner is a company
— such as a reseller, service
provider, vendor, retailer or
software agent — that partners
with another organisation to
market or sell their services,
products or technologies.

Enlarge your service offering, grow your revenue.

The ESCROWSURE partnership program is a simple way for leading IP attorneys, software developers, and advisors to supply their customers with market leading source code and cloud escrow solutions within Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform providing them with the highest level of business continuity assurance.
By joining ESCROWSURE’s partnership program, you will be able to offer clients peace of mind that in the event a software supplier

faces an existential crisis such as bankruptcy, a robust solution is in place that will provide them with long term continuity of their business critical software applications.

The only requirement for ESCROWSURE clients and partners to join this program is to decide if you want to be a referral partner or reseller partner.

Our approach is nice and simple:

Referral partner

A Referral partner is a partner who simply connects ESCROWSURE with a potential client. If you would like to satisfy your client’s requirement for good governance and business continuity protection without becoming directly involved in a software escrow solution, simply introduce your clients to ESCROWSURE as your preferred provider and we will handle the entire process, guiding your clients to a safe and effective solution.

Successful conclusion of an agreement following a referral partner introduction would result in a commission payable to the referral partner based on the billing in the first year of the arrangement. It usually is nothing more than sending an introduction email between us and the potential client and transferring trust in the process. Once the future of the relationship is in our hands, the referral partner has nothing left to do.

Reseller partner

As a reseller partner, you’ll have the unique advantage of seamlessly integrating ESCROWSURE’s solutions as a value-added part of your service. We are committed to providing support throughout your go-to-market journey and ensuring the smooth management of your customer relationships. This would include comprehensive sales training on all aspects of software escrow together with marketing collateral provided for distribution to the reseller partner’s clients.

Successful conclusion of escrow agreement(s) following a reseller partner delivering a fully qualified sales lead would result in a larger commission payable to the reseller partner based on the billing in the first year of the arrangement.

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