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A major Microsoft Teams and Azure outage in South Africa was reported in MYBROADBAND in July 2022. Microsoft reported network connectivity issues affected services in South Africa. Customers were warned of latency or intermittent network connectivity issues when trying to access their Azure cloud resources in the South Africa North and Brazil South regions. They had long passed the business continuity risk phase, and were well into the business continuity disaster portion of the outage!

Microsoft even suggested that retries could work for some customers!

At a time when many employees were still working from home, the outage also affected Microsoft Teams.

“We’re continuing our review of service monitoring telemetry to confirm the root cause, before formulating a plan for remediation,” Microsoft stated.

For the Azure issue, Microsoft said an unexpected spike in traffic is causing network congestion for some customers.

“We are currently applying multiple mitigation strategies to alleviate the connectivity issues,” it said.

Multiple services in South Africa appear to have been impacted by the issue.

Checkers warned customers of its Sixty60 on-demand delivery app that delivery times may be affected by an “Internet service disruption”.

How to mitigate business continuity risk for cloud services or SaaS

Where your cloud provider can fail you, proper Disaster Recovery measures would necessarily include a tailored Cloud Escrow arrangement.