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“There is a joke doing the rounds about who was responsible for initiating your digital transformation, the CEO, CIO, CTO or COVID-19?” Today in Futurewave Business IT (23 April 2020)

The reality is that suppliers of outsourced IT solutions represent significant risk to commercial continuity and current revenue streams and no more so than now as the effects of corona lockdown bite.

The good news is these risks can (and should) be managed.

Gartner refers to the practice of source code escrow as, “…a smart and effective component of a business continuity strategy that software licensees can use to protect their mission critical applications in an ever-changing environment …”

Don’t wait for Covid-19 to trigger your disaster response when disaster may be entirely avoidable.

A Software Escrow arrangement is the only practical way whereby access to maintainable information systems, by the software end-user, can be assured:

  • Irrespective of the stability or commercial status of the software owner/supplier;
  • Where certain predefined commitments such as warranty, support and maintenance are discontinued and/or not honoured.

 We will tailor make your Software Escrow solution to fit your business risk and requirements.

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